Just thought I'd update the blog with what we are doing these days!  We've been polishing our kits and continuing contact and field work with the Zoo.  Right now is finals time, so it's a bit hectic for all our members.

Presentations are just about perfected now, and we are looking into new mediums of awareness raising, as well as a wider audience for our presentations.
Today we started organizing our school presentations, setting target schools and also a target audience for our presentations.  We decided to focus mainly on local schools as students here will be more likely to experience the impacts from burrowing owl population decline and more directly relate to it, and we chose students as our audience because they will be the future leaders that will decide environmental issues like burrowing owl conservation.  It is imperative that they are informed early on so that they will make the correct decisions in the future.  Hopefully, they will catch onto our infectious passion and love of these birds and maybe involve themselves in a project like ours in the future.  Who knows?  It might not be directly related to burrowing owls, but maybe they will be inspired to go out and make a difference in their community as well, and impact the world in some way.

We made a list of people to contact at each school and assigned different group members different schools to contact.  We spaced the jobs out evenly so some people contacted schools and others focused on polishing the presentations.