After a bit of negotiation, we contacted Dr. Lenihan about the possibilities of actually realizing our project outline.  

Dear Dr. Lenihan,

We are STOP, or Save the [Burrowing] Owls Project, a group of high school students who are passionate about the conservation of western burrowing owls.  We learned about your plans to start an owl conservation project in Otay Mesa in Southern California.  We contacted Mr. Swaisgood a while back and he expressed interest in our project ideas, and he told us he had informed you of our intentions and you had expressed interest in our project.

We are wondering, in the coming months, is there any way we can help you?  Mr. Swaisgood mentioned that we could work with squirrels as eco-engineers in Otay Mesa, possibly developing an owl colony.  Our project outline is attached for reference.

Thank you so much, and we looking forward to hearing back from you!


Canyon Crest Academy HS, San Diego