We spent the past few months gathering ideas about how to make a difference for burrowing owls.  It's a really daunting task, looking at all the legal loopholes and faulty laws, and then seeing the destroyed ecosystems around us.  I'm starting to think this idea is a little crazy, but I still wanted to call the meeting today.  Maybe someone has a more practical idea?

Apparently not really.  We're a bunch of high school students, kids with higher-than-the-moon goals.  One person said we should create an Adopt-an-Owl Program at the Zoo, and another person wanted to give presentations to professionals to convince them to do something about the burrowing owl's plight.  Still more wanted to change laws.  However, we decided to just get all our ideas down on paper for now, and decide later.

The biggest issue we solved today, besides what actions we could possibly take, was our name.  People had already come in with name suggestions, and after debating, we finally voted on S.T.O.P, or Save The Owls Project.  They voted me as their Project Manager, which I am honored to be.  I only hope that our lofty goals won't hinder us from actually being able to make a difference.