We coordinated meetings this month so we could practice all our parts together.  We tried to split up parts based on each member's strengths and preferences, though the Project Manager, Alice Wu, decided that everyone had to practice every part of the presentation so splitting would be easier, and also in case someone didn't show up for one of his/her assigned presentations.  Then there would be three other people who could take over the part, leaving the presentation still intact and flowing.

However, we also practiced for presentations in presentation groups, coordinating the groups so absences will have minimal impacts on the presentations' quality and effectiveness.  At the same time, any surprise absences shouldn't affect the presentations too much since everyone knows all parts of the speech and information to include.

We've all moved up a grade since last year, and our work load has definitely changed.  Lately we've all been especially busy, and while burrowing owls were still in the backs of our minds, we haven't really sat down to discuss our project until today.

Because we haven't met for so long, we immediately began working when we walked into the meeting.  Having identified the most feasible venues for spreading awareness about the burrowing owl, we began to create presentation reports.  We chose target schools and populations for our presentations and started coordinating dates and times, finding the available times and dates within our group, assigning schools to each person, and finally, beginning to communicate with the different schools.

Basically, we had liaisons for each school that were in charge of contacting the science teachers and individual grade level teachers for possible times and dates for us to present to the children and staff about our work and the importance of the burrowing owl in our community.  At the same time, we asked about the students' current learning material and agreed that we'd try to customize our presentations so they would relate to the curriculum.

This idea is taking shape even faster than our last idea did.  Maybe it's because we're more experienced as a group, or maybe it's our total lack of inhibition to dream big in this phase.  Whatever it is, our brainstorming session today was much more free than it was for Phase I.

We were having another casual conversation today, basically bouncing ideas off of each other.  We laughed and talked and scribbled furiously, getting every idea down, no matter how impossible it seemed.  Immediately, we took the more feasible ideas and started outlining their processes.

What we did today:

Planned educational presentations (dates and locations)
Outlined plans for making kits for different grades during presentations in schools and other educational venues