Today we checked in quickly at the Otay Mesa and Sweetwater Preserves, where we have released 3 burrowing owl families onto each.  I nearly started crying from happiness when I saw their feathers inside the burrows and footprints around the entrances, as well as the glowing eyes of an owlet peering out curiously from within the depths of a burrow.  The families have actually settled in!  They plan to stay!

This is a monumental moment!  This is one of the first successes in the creation of permanent "artificial" colonies in the world!  This could be the beginning of a totally new chapter in these owls' lives, and a new chapter in the conservation of burrowing owls around the globe!  Maybe our ideas weren't quite so crazy after all... maybe, just maybe, we will encourage others to join us, and together we will bring this species back from the brink of extinction!

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