Perhaps I shouldn't have been quite so worried last month.  Looking over the list of ideas today, they don't seem quite as daunting as they did before.  It's amazing what a few months of careful planning can do.  However, I don't think any amount of planning will prepare me for the crazy deeds we're about to attempt.  But looking at their faces... watching my friends become so absorbed in and worked up about a subject... well, that's the biggest motivating factor.  With passion like that, I'm sure we can accomplish anything.  And as they always tell me, I've got to let go and dive in at some point.

We're going with promoting awareness at the moment.  We spent today typing up hundreds of versions of species profiles and flyers.  Today was also that start of our webstore, with the first T-shirt designs crumpled and tossed into the recycling bin as we edited each others' ideas.  I think this letting go is really starting to make sense now... bit by bit... it seems like everyone so willing to work and come together that it's incredible.  Finally, some members started writing and polishing our letters to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.  We also set up our first website, which can still be found at

However, one member has started drafting a plan to create our own burrowing owl colony, which sounds like a crazily daunting task at the moment.  We're trying not to discourage her, though, and helping to research her plans.  It's actually becoming very clear as we work, and we agreed that if we felt it had potential, we would try out her ideas.  This really feels like it might become something... maybe we can make a difference after all...

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