We sent our first letter today!  Talk about extreme excitement!  Hopefully the officials will be able to comment on our idea and give us some advice about how to start our project.  I'm starting to like the sound of going big and seeing where it will lead...


Dear Curator,

Happy New Year!

We are students at Canyon Crest Academy who are passionate about the plight of the Western Burrowing Owl in San Diego County. When we learned that less than fifty pairs of this species remained at a handful of sites scattered all around the county and that their populations have declined more than 90% since the 1970’s, we were compelled to form S.T.O.P.: Save the Owls Project. We plan to fundraise money for various organizations working to learn more and conserve the burrowing owls and on digging homes for them on our own (we live near several canyon preserves).  We were looking at previous failures to set new habitats and wanted to use biomimicry to create another habitat, possibly using native rodents to dig burrows before introducing owls to the habitat.   However, we would like your input on other things we can do to help this species. 

When we discovered that the Safari Park had a burrowing owl exhibit, we wondered whether zookeepers and experts would be willing to suggest other ways to assist this endangered species. Maybe we could arrange a visit to the Park so we could learn more about the Burrowing Owl and the dangers it faces in today’s world!

We appreciate your time and hope you consider our request.

Have a good day!


S.T.O.P. (Save the [Burrowing] Owls Project) @ Canyon Crest Academy HS

Alice Wu
Stephanie Guo
Amanda Ke
Jojo Lee
Alice Xie

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