We're at the International Conference!

Today we're hectically preparing our poster display and other materials to spread awareness about the burrowing owl all over the world!  Handing out flyers and gathering our poster supplies was just the beginning of our work here.  We've been talking to people about our project already, and the Community Problem Solving Fair isn't even until Friday!  Kudos to our awesome Project Manager, Alice Wu, who's really organizing and putting everything together for us.

This is really an amazing place to be.  Everyone has done something amazing in their communities, whether Environmental or Civic, or a mixture of both.  It's been an enlightening experience to be able to talk to these people, to find out about their community issues and experiences and see what they've done to change their worlds.  People seemed amazed by our project as well, listening to our description of partnering with world renowned organizations to implement our ideas.  Frankly, we're so lucky to be able to be in the company of people that are contributing in such real ways back to their areas.  It's fascinating to talk to them, and we've already gotten a few good ideas to even further expand our cause!

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