Today we started mailing out our materials for the International Conference.  Our visits to the field have already shown us still another side of our issue.  We saw injured owls, owls sealed into their burrows, crushed or poisoned recklessly, and saw the construction companies in action.  It was frightening, and at the same time enlightening.  These visits to rescue owls have opened our eyes to the need for change in this situation and further strengthened our resolve to save these owls.  There is no doubt that our work is necessary; if only legislative committees could understand this and join in the protection of these important and vulnerable animals.

I must also report, with difficulty, the dropping of a core member, Jojo Lee, from our International Conference excursion because of personal conflicts.  She has, however, generously offered to further develop our display materials, including our scrapbook.  We tried not to think about the loss of Jojo during our competition, and continued our work, editing our presentations from State and continuing to communicate with natural preserves.  Either way, we need to continue spreading our efforts, and we continue visiting our colonies to check their process.  Hopefully we will see owls living here soon!

Randy Zhou
5/2/2012 05:41:04 pm

I can't believe you guys did all this in just a few months! Congrats on placing 4th internationally!

5/2/2012 05:42:39 pm

Thanks Randy! We were pretty excited too! Keep following our blog for more updates! :)


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