Today we presented to 4 different second grade classrooms in Torrey Hills Elementary School.  We incorporated activities like burrowing owl drawing, musical chairs (to simulate the loss of habitat and death for burrowing owls), sang owl songs, and an informational presentation.

We opened the presentation up completely to questions afterward.  Immediately, students began rapid-firing questions at us, almost overwhelming our presenters with their enthusiasm.  Afterward, one teacher told us, "Thank you so much for coming today.  The children definitely learned a lot today.  We're doing the ecology unit right now, so this fit right into our learning right now."  We're always glad to help! 

We also gathered a few hundred more drawings to add to our letters of activism.  The pictures are simple, like the children who drew them, but somehow they are masterful in their purity.  There's a very innocent longing for other creatures' well-being embodied in these drawings, little inspirational messages and powerful pleas to save the burrowing owls and save their habitats.  I was most impressed with the children's caring words and passionate work.  I can only hope some were inspired to join us in conserving this species, and that they will always remember our words.

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