Dr. Lenihan has agreed to take on our project!  She and her group of professional researchers have further reviewed our plans and helped us create a reasonable timeline for its implementation.  She explains in the email the exact steps and reasons for those steps.  After all these months of hectic work, we're so excited to be able to start this portion of our project!

Hi Members of STOP,

We love your Burrowing owl / CA ground squirrel project!

We are about to launch the field portion of this project and we do need some help. Part of the project involves re-introducing CA ground squirrels to enhance habitat and success of burrowing owls because owls need squirrels to dig burrows and keep the grass short around their nesting areas. We could relocate approximately 300 squirrels and hold them at the new site for approximately 1 week. This means that we will need to build 108 underground burrow pens and about 30 or so above-ground  acclimation pens. The combination of artificial burrows installed underground and the acclimation pens aboveground will hold the squirrels for one week before we set them free by removing the aboveground pens.

So, first we need help building and installing both above and below ground holding pens.  This will involve building cages, possibly at your school if you have facilities for that type of work and then going out in the field with our research team to install and set up the experimental relocation sites.  You would be interacting with a team of biologists that work with the Institute of Conservation Research and we would be more than happy to present to your club/class presentations about this project.

Are you interested in a venture of this type? If so please send me your contact info.

Thank you,

Colleen Lenihan

Postdoctoral Researcher
Institute for Conservation Research
San Diego Zoo Global

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