We've come a long way since the initial sketches of "Burrow Me Out". (www.owlgame.weebly.com) I'm proud to say that it's now up on the web for preliminary beta testing! We originally envisioned a true, Choose Your Own Adventure game, with various pathways to success, but have only put up a single "true path" (all wrong options will lead to an "Oops" page prompting game players to conduct more research and choose the definitive, correct answer) on the web. Obviously, there is more than one correct option, but we want to keep things simple, at least for beta testing. When we officially, fully unveil "Burrow Me Out", more paths to success, that is, an owl colony, will likely be introduced. 

It occurred to us that "Burrow Me Out" might be a strange name. There may not seem to be any clear relationship to the Western Burrowing Owl other than the fact that if you repeat "Burrow Me Out" several times in a row quickly, it sounds something like "burrowing owls."  Our choice of game name stems from the desire to create something kid-friendly, as well as genuinely fun and conducive to learning. We attempt to portray the efforts of the San Diego Zoo as accurately and simplistically as possible, so as to provide an opportunity for the general public to learn about their ground-squirrels-as-ecoengineers-for-burrowing-owl initiative.

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