This idea is taking shape even faster than our last idea did.  Maybe it's because we're more experienced as a group, or maybe it's our total lack of inhibition to dream big in this phase.  Whatever it is, our brainstorming session today was much more free than it was for Phase I.

We were having another casual conversation today, basically bouncing ideas off of each other.  We laughed and talked and scribbled furiously, getting every idea down, no matter how impossible it seemed.  Immediately, we took the more feasible ideas and started outlining their processes.

What we did today:

Planned educational presentations (dates and locations)
Outlined plans for making kits for different grades during presentations in schools and other educational venues

5/15/2012 19:33:32

Your idea of making kits for kids is awesome! Do you only do educational presentations in California? You should consider sending your kits to other states too so that more and more people will learn about these beautiful owls! Keep it up!


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