Ah, the owls have the most furtive, beautiful, deep eyes...

Currently owls that we have rescued from construction projects have been housed in the San Diego Zoo, to which we have taken a few field trips to monitor.  The owls have the most amazing way of speaking with their eyes and expressions, and even though we know they're not human (and their expressions probably don't mean what we think they do), we're really starting to get attached to these cute little guys.  They're all healthy now, flying and posing and twisting their heads in that famous way they have of doing it.  I can't wait to get them out onto their new homes, so they can fly around without the confines of a cage again.  We're continuing to plan the relocation of these owls onto the preserve burrows, and also starting to think about the next phase of our project, discussing ideas and potential activities branching off the theme of burrowing owl protection.  After all our involvement this year, we've only become more attached to this sweet little bird, and maybe we'd like to try our hand at changing some construction legislation.


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