Today we competed at the Future Problem Solving California State Bowl!

We compiled a powerpoint presentation about our project to an audience of hundreds in an auditorium.  Everyone seemed very enthusiastic about our efforts, and things are definitely looking up for us!  We tried to make it very clear to all our listeners that the burrowing owls are extremely important to the environment, and their loss could have drastic consequences for San Diegan ecosystems.  "There isn't an option to wait." one member said in an impromptu speech.  "We have to act now before we lose these beautiful animals permanently."  There aren't words to describe how amazing it was to hear the applause and inquiries about our project, or to receive first place for our efforts and hearing that we could attend the International Conference soon.  We would be able to spread our message to people from all over the world.  My team and I jumped at this chance, and we will be presenting soon to an international audience!

5/2/2012 05:43:39 pm

Please see photo of us winning at State Bowl in the Project: Phase I page


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