Today we gave our first presentation to a sixth grade class at Torrey Hills elementary school!  We conducted the presentation in the Science Lab, and included a powerpoint, a fact-based (and therefore educational) burrowing-owl-themed bingo game, and letter-writing.  Our first letters of activism were gathered today!

The students were just so enthusiastic to learn about the burrowing owl, and confused by the reasons for its decline.  Why, they asked, did construction companies not simply avoid burrowing owl habitats?  We had to give an economic answer, upon which one girl stood up and said, "It's not fair!  They can live in their homes, and we can live in ours!  Why do we make them move out?"  Evidently, our presentation was successful in that students were galvanized to express such preservationist opinions for the burrowing owl.  I only smiled at her, and remembered the time we had asked the same question, and first started on this journey.

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