Hi Dr. Lenihan,

We think that's a great plan! Establishing safe nests for the burrowing owls sounds be helpful in the long run, too, because then they'll have secure places to rear their young for years to come. We're extremely psyched about the owls.

Today I talked with a few STOP members, and we came up with a few quick questions. First off, what's the rough time frame for this? Has the Zoo already began the project or are you going to start in late March/early April? Do you think this will carry on into the summer? (We'd be willing to help then, too, although earlier's probably better for the owls.)

We were also wondering exactly how big the cages were.  Do you happen to have any diagrams of the process?

Our schedules might be a little tight, but I think things are definitely starting to lighten up in spring.  Anyway, please let us know what times/locations (I think Mr. Swaisgood said Otay Mesa?) are suitable, and we'll try to bring as many people as we can to assist you in these efforts.


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