Oh my goodness!  We just got news from Florida that their starter burrow, modeled on our Phase I project, has a case of successful burrowing owl breeding and reproduction in their colony!  There are six juveniles in Cape Coral right now, thriving and having a wonderful chickhood in their burrow right now.

Please see our March post for more info!  You can check out their site at  Be sure to look into the live webcam to see their adorable owlets!  This is such an exciting step in the conservation of this important species.  It's really unimaginable for us right now... my team and I are just going crazy over this new development.  We never dreamed our project would work so well in other areas as well!  Perhaps continuing this technique will allow us to restore the burrowing owl to its former glory, and people will be able to see the improvements they will make on the environment around them.  Congratulations to the Cape Coral Burrowing Owl group on your successes, and we hope to hear more from you in the future!

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